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Evaluation Excerpts


" Leadership should continue to have conversations like this to bridge the gap and candidly grow together as an organization. Availing ourselves to our vulnerabilities only makes the entire team stronger." (State Government)

“The instructor was great in the sense that she was able to see things from our point and that there’s no hidden agenda or message that she strongly pushed for. She carefully directed our thinking and provided guidance as needed during the day-long discussion.” (Military

"Jackie always provides great insight and in-depth activities that makes you think. I believe these sessions are important and help with our team building." (International Utility)

"I believe every department should have classes like this and take this training seriously, because conversations are what starts change." (State Government)

“Jackie did a phenomenal job guiding us through a potentially touchy and emotional vested topic. I think she brought an aura of professionalism, knowledge and reality into the course which made it interesting, informative and captivating.” (Military)

I learned more about my peers. This was a humanizing experience and I'm glad this resource was provided to us." (Higher Education) 

Lots of heavy information presented and contemplated during this seminar and it was a long day. The end result was that I was mentally drained by the end. That said, the length was good, method of delivery was executed well, and I very much enjoyed this seminar.” (Military)

“It was a pleasure to have Jackie Lue Raia facilitate a workshop called Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Workplace for our high potential leaders.  In my experience as a learning & development professional, I’ve heard many vendors say that they will customize a session for your needs, but I’ve never seen anyone actually follow through and mean it! Jackie met with us several times over the course of planning so that she could best understand the needs of our leaders and get to know our organization, and continually shaped the content to meet our organization.  Our participants reported many new insights from the interactive experience and appreciated that our organization is encouraging these conversations.” (Healthcare)

“Ms. Lue Raia was fantastic. She facilitated well through topics which could have been emotional minefields." (Military)


“This session really helped me move out of my comfort zone. Answering questions like the ones asked today really makes you learn more about yourself and others." (International Utility)

"I think the most important part of this session is to listen to other people and learn from their experiences."  (Higher Education)

“As a participant in Jackie’s DEI workshop, I enjoyed connecting the current landscape of society to our day-to-day language and behavioral norms that may be outdated, offensive or that do not promote inclusivity.” (Healthcare)

“Jackie Lue Raia is one of the most professional, hard working, smart and resourceful people I know. I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Jackie. Her ability to connect with professionals of all levels is outstanding.” (Charter School)

"This was such a wonderful experience! I love how comfortable Jackie made us feel and she really inspired us to open up and share experiences." (Higher Education)

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